Tesla Motors Club and 3M are now in partnership. As authorized 3M Dealers, Jomar Wraps is here to help you with all of your needs to protect your new, beautiful Tesla. Our installers are trained by 3M to ensure you are receiving quality service. We provide multiple services for Tesla Models S, 3, X, and Y.​

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Tesla 3M Automotive Window Film:

Protect your Tesla from the hot Arizona sun. 3M Window Film will block up to 99% of UV light and up to 97% of heat-produced infrared rays in your vehicle. Stay cool and keep the interior of your Tesla in pristine condition.

Get your full sides and real windows tinted by a professional 3M dealer for Tesla. These virtually maintenance-free films a backed by a limited lifetime warranty.

Tesla paint protection
Tesla 3M Authorized Paint Protection Film:

Keep your Tesla looking brand new with our 3M Authorized PPF. Paint Protection Film is crucial to have in order to protect your car against the elements, rocks, chips, stains, etc. We provide both Scotchgard paint protection pro series clear and matte finishes so you have options.

Get it professionally applied by a 3M paint protection film installer to high-impact, vulnerable areas of your Tesla.

Tesla 3M Authorized Wraps
Tesla 3M Authorized Wraps:

Get a custom car wrap for your Tesla to make it stand out even more on the roads. We offer partial, half, 3/4, and full wraps.

Jomar Wraps has an Award-Winning Design Team that will help your ideas become reality. Our team will help you with everything from design to production to installation.